Computer Sales, installation, maintenance and repair of computers in White Plains New York

Sale, installation, maintenance and computer repair in White Plains New York and near Westchester County in NY. We have specialized technicians in desktop computer repair, Windows laptop computer repair.
Technical support over the internet with remote access and video conferencing to assist you in solving problems with the hardware, the operating system, the installation of peripheral devices such as: printers, scanners, routers, swiches, external hard drives or storage units; etc.

Technical support with computer repair technicians near White Plains New York or online for the installation of programs, updates and security patches for Windows. Technicians to remove viruses and prevent hacker attacks. Technicians to restore your Windows operating system in the event of a serious problem or damage to your computer's hard drive.

We offer technical diagnostic service for troubleshooting only with the Windows operating system.

We only do desktop and laptop maintenance in White Plains New York and Westchester County, NY. Preventive maintenance is important to prevent further damage and extend the life of your computer.

Computer maintenance is an exclusive technical service only for areas near White Plains, NY.

We offer expert computer technicians to tune up your computer. This service does not require a technician at your job site. We manage this repair service with remote access through the internet. Make a technical service request to our support department.

The service to tune up your computer consists of the following:

Diagnostic of the state of the operating system and its updates or security patches of Windows.

Maintenance and default reset of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and others.

Delete temporary files.

Remove device drivers that are no longer installed.

Also eliminate free programs that have no utility or programs of dubious origin.

Free up space on your hard drive if necessary to optimize computer performance.

Check the security settings in the Windows firewall to make the appropriate adjustments.

Check the computer's antivirus settings for optimal protection.

Eliminate the error messages that Windows displays when unexpected errors occur in the operating system.

Why do I need a PC Tune-Up?. It is very important to tune-up the Windows operating system so that it does not become unstable or become very slow. Also for all security issues.


We have technical support 24/7 days a week with technicians specialized in computer repair.


Desktop Computer Repair in White Plains New York

Laptop Repair

Tablet repair in White Plains, New York. We only replace the screen of the tablet.

Technicians in White Plains New York for virus and malware removal. Antivirus

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